Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Pair

SKU Code: 142981

The versatile design of the Nintendo Switch Joy Con controller make it ideal for both solo and multiplayer games and it lets you play the way you want without compromising input accuracy and responsiveness.   

  • Hand a Joy Con controller to a friend for competitive or cooperative multiplayer gaming  
  • Enjoy precise motion controlled gameplay by connecting the straps included in the Joy Con package to your wrists to keep them secure  
  • When used separately from the Joy-Con grip, you can either use it as a single controller to play or hold one in each hand depending on the needs of your game  
  • The Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controller Pair can be attached to the Joy-Con grip for traditional functionality, used separately as 2 individual controllers or connected to the sides of the Switch itself for mobile gaming     
What's in the Box:     2 x Joy Con Controller