AZTRON Nova 2.0 Compact 10' Paddleboard

SKU Code: AS-012

The Aztron NOVA is a full-sized air SUP, designed for most paddlers. This board highlights an all-time favourite board shape and a generous deck size and board thickness. Traveling with a SUP now becomes easier than ever before! This refreshing Compact SUP boasts its revolutionary smart-folding concept and Aztron’s signature Double Chamber construction, making it super portable while maintaining good performance.
"The NOVA has a 4mm thick soft cushioning EVA foam footpad deck with just the right amount of grip underfoot. Diamond pattern grooved traction deck and foldable design. Strong and comfortable grab handle on side.
The NOVA has a 4-point D-ring connector at front plus adjustable bungee system for gear storage and easy access. Boasting an inner chamber design, with 60L floating buoyancy for basic safety need and extra board stiffness. The NOVA is lighter, safer and performs better.
The Aztron Compact air SUPs feature a 5-inch twin fin set-up with easy and durable push-in design. Reinforced nylon material.
All Aztron’s air SUP’s are equipped with customised premium high-pressure double valves, designed exclusively for Double Chamber SUPs. With a smaller diameter than a regular valve, Aztron’s valve helps to prevent damages caused by over inflation.
Full Size Compact SUP with all-round board shape 
Durable drop-stitch core material
Lightweight yet stiff
Double Chamber LITE Tech with 60L inner chamber for basic safety buoyancy
Compact smart folding concept makes the SUP pack down to half of the normal size
High Pressure Double Valve System
4mm thick diamond pattern EVA traction deck
4+1 D-ring connectors for bungee system and safety leash
Easy-to-carry side grab handle
Soft EVA Traction Deck
5-Inch Twin Fin System
Pack smart, travel light
Length: 10'0"" / 305 cm          
Width: 32"" / 81 cm
Thickness: 6"" / 15 cm
Max. Rider: 1
Weight: 9 kg   
Volume: 275 L
Rec. Payload: 85 kg
Max. Payload: 115 kg
What’s in the box:
Aztron Style 2.0 Paddle
Aztron SUP Hand Pump Lite
Aztron 8.0 SUP Leash
Aztron 5.0 Nylon Fin
Aztron 78L SUP Bag"