Shimano Alivio 4000FC Fishing Set

Alivio 4000 FC Fishing Reel

Shimano's reputation for producing inexpensive yet high-quality spin reels that would normally have features reserved for a much higher price point is something the brand prides itself on and the popular Alivio FC reel range further demonstrates their ability to produce a high-quality product for a very reasonable price.

Features one shielded A RB bearing plus one roller bearing. an AR-C spool to assist longer casting and Varispeed for an even line distribution on the spool.

  • Varispeed
  • AR-C Spool
  • Dyna-balance
  • Super stopper II

AquaTip Kayak Fishing Rod

The Aqua Tip Kayak models are designed to suit the tight confines of canoes and kayaks. The two models are designed with fast actions and shorter lengths, so that they are easy to manage when a fish is at close range.


  • Full Butt
  • EVA Grips
  • Asian Guides
  • Asian Reel Seat
  • Ceramic Guide Ring
  • Medium/Fast Action
  • Fibreglass integrated Construction

Waxwing Lure

Lure fishing is an exciting way of catching fish, and to fool our quarry into eating something that really doesn't look much like their favourite food source (to our eyes at least) is quite an achievement. It is also incredibly addictive and a bit of initial success can soon see the afflicted angler carting around a mountain of spare lures, hoping that somewhere in that pile of boxes and bags will be that special artificial that will become 'the one'.


  • 1x Alivio 4000 FC Fishing Reel
  • 1x AquaTip Kayak Fishing Rod
  • 1x Waxwing Lure