Red Paddle Co 10'8" Ride SUP Board

Who's it for? Bigger riders and family paddlers, riders over 90kg, or with two small ones sharing, or even adding a pet.

The Ride 10'8" has all the same qualities as the 10’6”, but it’s two inches wider at 34”/863mm and has an extra 56L of volume, creating a more stable ride. It’s also 4.7”/120mm thick, which means you get greater stiffness at lower pressure. In fact, it’s more than 40% stiffer than a standard 4”/100mm board at the same pressure. Another benefit of the 10’8” is that you can take a small passenger on the board more easily, too, which is why family paddlers often prefer it to the smaller Ride options.

For 2017, Red Paddle Co added a special screw thread to all of their boards that is compatible with RAM MOUNTS products, the world leading accessory bracket manufacturer, enabling you to securely attach a range of accessories, from GPS devices and cameras to fishing rods and cup holders.


  • Length: 10'8"
  • Width: 34"/863mm
  • Thickness: 4.7"/120mm
  • Volume: 296L
  • Max. rider weight: 120kg
  • Innovative MSL Fusion technology


  • 10’8" Ride Board
  • Red Paddle Co Backpack
  • Titan Pump
  • Repair Kit
  • Water-resistant Phone Case
  • 3-Piece Alloy Paddle