VS Sassoon 3Q Brushless Digital Hair Dryer

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The VS Sassoon 3Q High-Performance Hair Dryer features a SmartTech brushless motor, a 2200W power output and high ionic conditioning for a salon-quality performance from home.

The next generation of Smart Tech dryers has arrived, with its superior drying performance and increased hair protection. Thanks to the brushless digital motor inside. The VS Sassoon 3Q is the original digital motor dryer.


  • Advanced SmartTech Brushless Motor - this motor uses magnets and electronics to drive the motor for ultra-fast, ultra-quiet airflow and increased lifespan
  • Ceramic technology - infrared heat helps minimise heat damage for healthier hair that is easier to style
  • High ionic conditioning eliminates static and traps moisture to reduce frizz
  • This lightweight hairdryer helps you dry your hair in comfort and with complete control
  • A cool shot function helps you lock in style and add shine


  • 1x 3Q Brushless Digital Hair Dryer