BYK E450x8 Kid's Bike

The best entry-geared bike on the market for kids with a low gravity concept ergonomic frame, the very best cassette gears and tough wheels for the greatest safety and rideability.

It delivers a dramatic advantage in handling and comfort with each tube of the frame customized to reduce weight and improve handling, and superior control and bump dampening ability with the CRM forks.

Suitable for ages 6 - 9 years (115 - 145 cm).


  • True cartridge bottom bracket for straighter chain alignment
  • Cassette rear hub for superior gear shifting
  • CRM forks for extra comfort and improved handling
  • Long rear stay length for best possible gear shifting
  • Super tough wheels for reduced maintenance
  • Calibrated V brakes for progressive braking
  • Increased knee to handlebar clearance for growing bodies
  • Longer wheelbase for stable handling
  • Adjustable pedal position for growing legs
  • Lightweight at 10kg
  • Butted alloy frame with a low gravity design
  • Longer chain length
  • Dynamic advantage tall alloy wheels
  • Direct pulling 1:1 SRAM gears
  • Eliminated cluster wobble and throwing chains off gears
  • Alloy front and rear calibrated V brakes
  • Saddle Comfort midi deluxe saddle


  • Safety reflectors
  • Bell
  • Kickstand

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